Biological Interval Genesis

This is the system I created to rehab the body on a cellular level with nutrition, circadian bio rhythmic rest and regenerative timings, knowledge of acidity and alkalinity, glycaemic control (blood sugar), myotoxins (yeast), and creation of energy through coping with chronic illnesses and disabilities or injuries. I developed this from my own struggles and research from my own chronic illnesses.


Synergistic Energy Creation System of Integrated Intensity

This is the system I created to generate energy from using the synergistic link of the circadian clock and the mitochondria in the cell, while utilising the compound effect of accumulated tension in muscles, the cardio vascular and stacking specific types of exercises and workouts that add energy and strength, and of course muscle, while burning fat. This is the best bodybuilding and muscle gaining fitness and fat loss regime, as it doesn't depend on just diet and exercise but incorporates the knowledge of the Endocrine System (Hormones), which I researched and tested from being Type 1 Diabetic (wrongly diagnosed as Type 2 for four years!). Through my knowledge of nutrition and exercise I miraculously survived (by the 'grace of GOD'), before being correctly diagnosed, and since, have researched on how to Cure Type 1 Diabetes and other Auto Immune diseases.


Kinetic Interlinking of Neurological Galvanisation

This system I created to use the nerves conductivity to flow unimpeded, like a wave through the body to form a more fluid and efficient use of energy to conserve energy and use the minimum, so as not to over exert. Having problems with low energy, fatigue, tiredness and slow recovery, I needed to use breathing exercises, dynamic tension, and oxygenate the nerves, increase blood circulation/flow, and get the 'kinks' out of the body, to avoid injury, vastly increase suppleness and flexibility, as well as strengthen the nervous system from over taxation, nervous breakdowns, anxiety, stress and cortisol overload. This adds more energy to the SECSII system through protecting the nerves, galvanising them for added force production, in martial arts, strength in power movements, and blood flow oxygen increase.


Contemporary Attribute Traditional Training/ Classical Attribute and Technological Training

This is system of Ancient Warrior Strength and Power training combined with the most Scientific Tested Athletic Sports Science and Technological breakthroughs, combined in a Unique Way that makes Performance and Excelling at an Aspect of a Sport Specific Attribute-such as Strength, Power, Force Production, Agility, Speed, Stamina, etc., up to 90% more efficient and powerful, making an athlete, sports person, martial artist, or military warrior, even more powerful and capable. Hero like, even. Great for sports/athletes.


Golden Lion Fist (Warrior Training system) - Disciples

This is the Martial Arts based Warrior Training System that derives the best and most secret Ancient and Modern Training that gives a person almost superhero superhuman like enhancements to existing Attributes, utilising the Ksaitreya Warrior class System of India, The Shaolin Methods of building Force and Power, the Lions Roar system of Tibet, originally known in India, as Golden Lion Fist. For Tibetan Kung Fu, go to Wha Duc Lung at Hullabaloo on Tuesdays at 7pm for White Crane teaching. This system (Golden Lion Fist) I developed to incorporate the 8 original animals of Ksaitreya Warrior martial arts of my family line (lost for hundred years).

The Inner Circle

ELITE PLATINUM (Special Forces Warrior Elite - Closed Door Disciples Only)

As a Client learns each system they can take up membership and work through each system if they wish, obtaining a certificate. Also the GLF Warrior System can be worked through to obtain each Level and Master Training obtaining a Certificate.

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