I know what you are thinking.  Another Conspiracy theory.  Right? Wrong!  Evidence is all about for the FACTS that are irrefutable, unquestionably accurate, documented in detail, unequivocal, and beyond a shadow of a doubt.

OK.  Then why have you not heard any of this in mainstream news or media?

Because you were not looking, for one.  Also because a gradual takeover of the modern media had begun in the 1950's, after WW2.  Propaganda was being mastered by the Advertising companies, and Manufacturing companies, as well as the Allied War Machine.  Once they had seen how effective the Communist Propaganda and Nazi propaganda had worked, companies sought to use this media, film, and later television, to influence the buying and the thinking of the masses.  This led the secret societies who created these mind control techniques to study the old ancient methods of witch craft and combine them with modern scientific methods.  They would use the guise of a science called psychology to do these experiments.  They would program individuals through trauma, and groups of people also.  drugs like LSD were added, and then later on microchip implants in the brain.   Mind control today is a fusion of these, with the old ancient occult sorceries of witch craft.  The media today is controlled by the secret societies who are privy to this secret knowledge they have gained from ancient witchcraft, and modern experimentations and science.

Only the independent journalists pose a threat to them, as those who work for companies are told what to say and what not to say, or else they lose their jobs, or even get blacklisted.  Independent journalists are a dying breed-literally!

I.J (Independent Journalists) are always kidnapped and killed, while those who work for large companies usually get returned.  IS that a coincidence?  NO.

So, there's my answer.  The Media will not report overtly on Population Control, at least not in the TRUTHFUL way.  Not in the  way that reveals how evil and malevolent Population Control is, and how YOU right now, are a victim of it, and you don't even know it!

The contaminants deliberately put in the food, the water, pharmaceuticals, the air, not to mention gadgets, and radioactive electronics, are only some of the methods they use.  There is countless documents proving that this is TRUE, and happening right now, and been happening for decades.  There are records of different countries using genocide and starvation as a means to cull the populace, like Russia (USSR), China, and Germany (NAZIS).  The British placed the cold virus deliberately into the blankets of the Native Indians of North America, to wipe them out, to make it easier to invade.  African Americans were vaccinated, allegedly against flu, which was deliberately laced with a killer strain of syphilis.  Many died horrible deaths.  This is all well documented and beyond refute.  Many unethical experiments have been conducted against peoples in the western countries, as well as third world countries.  Even now, UN vaccine programs are really population control sterilization programs to reduce the populations of African peoples, and they know it.  This is carried out all over the world.

The idea came from Cecil Rhodes and the Montpellier Society officially, based on the Economics of Adam Smith, who states falsely, that the wealth of the world is limited and can only be transferred from one nation to the other.  Thus poor nations will spread and water down the wealth of the rich.  This falsehood and complete lie has driven the population control program, since its inception.  But there is a more serious agenda than even that.  One that has been prophesied in the Bible.  The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse are but symbols of the methods that the EVIL ELITE of these Secret Societies that control Shadow Governments would use to kill billions of people, and life on the planet.

If this is true, then what can we do?  Glad you asked. Their plan to use disease, sickness and injury as well as war, famine, and violence to make the world ready for the rule of their special world leader, known in the Bible as the Antichrist, or Son of Perdition, Wicked One, Man of Lawlessness, and the False Messiah, is being carried out right now.  By taking over each facet of human life they will control the lives of everyone on the planet eventually.  They seek to do this via stealing the commodities and resources of ever nation, by buying up those they do not steal, by destroying the economies of those nations who will not comply to their global agenda for a one world govt, and by exploiting the ignorance of the masses by brainwashing them with temptations and longings for materialism and Western Pleasures.

By using a systematic program of point blank lying, i.e. helping the worlds poor 10% of the time through UN funding, while killing the World's people 90% of the time with secret programs of genocide and population control through food, drugs and water.  They then get their media networks to focus on all the wonderful GOOD they are doing, to cover up the EVIL they are doing the rest of the time.  And people will then believe it.  They have done studies on how people think and respond, and know that the majority of people believe what they are told.  The minority are those who question things, and are not fooled so easily.

This method of deception, and others like it have been used for hundred of years, and been perfected to the degree it is now.  All eventualities and inevitable scenarios are plotted, mapped out and analysed, for maximum efficiency.  Testing and trials are merely the confirmation of what is theorised to work.  Like WW1 and WW2 which recent documents have revealed was engineered by world bankers of the Elite, to divide up the world into what eventually become sectors of a ONE WORLD GOVT.  The plan was to create an organisation that would oversee this, under the pretence of a peace keeping agenda.  This was the League of Nations, which was set up after WW1 in 1919.  This failed to be the committee they envisioned and restructured it into the United Nations, after WW2.  Please note that this was funded by the Lucifer Trust.  Yes, you heard correctly.  The LUCIFER TRUST.  These Satanists were behind the U.N and still are.  They call it the Lucis Trust, now, as they underestimated the journalists at the time , who reported this amazing fact.

Do your own research.  Look for yourself.  Everything I have written is fact and true.  The real answers will be found by freelance independent investigative journalists, like myself, who will not accept the spread of lies and propaganda, without trying to get the truth out to save lives and help those in need around the world as well as at home.  Please look through this website and see for yourself and learn more about what is REALLY going on in the world in front of your eyes and TELL OTHERS!

I apologise for the untidiness or disorganised misspelling and grammar of this website.  I am slowly editing it and adding more stuff, so please bear with me.  If you have read this far, I hope you will enjoy watching the videos, and reading the articles and hopefully taking part in helping and maybe funding the projects, which will save lives and souls.  This website is not for my image, or reputation, or even my profit, but for the lost, the suffering, and the oppressed.  It is for the Glory of GOD, and is an attempt at a ministry for His Son Jesus Christ.  I hope you can find it in your heart to help me help others.  I am sure God has a plan for YOU also.

With that, I will close this intro, by saying, that, the hardest obstacle to overcome s to believe that this is all really happening.  It took me several years to accept it, as its too horrible to contemplate, and that's why people go into denial about it.  The problem is that is NOT helpful.  We need to take actions, not stick out heads in the sand, and pretend it is not happening.  So will you take up your weapons of spiritual warfare, and be a Soldier under His Command.  I urge you to do so. 

Thank you for reading this and visiting the other pages and links.

I shall update this website weekly when I can,  Email me if you can, and please tell us if you would like to send funds for these projects.  Thank you.

God bless you and May your eyes be opened to the Truth and help others eyes to be opened also.

Love Peace and Brotherhood,

in Jesus MIGHTY Name.

Hebrew:(Yeshua ha Meshiach Adonai)